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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Jason McKim

Everyone that is hitting the gym is there to score some great results, and they work until they reach their goals. However, just because you frequent your local gym more often than other people doesn’t mean that you’re getting the most benefits from your workout.  

There are strategies that will help you get the biggest advantages from your exercise regimen.

Lifting Weights

Lifting Weights

Going in to the gym just for cardio is going to hinder your overall strength when it comes to lifting. A healthy mix between cardio and weight lifting will build muscle and increase your metabolic rate. Make no mistake, lifting weights will build more muscle but you’ll also lose fat, similar to if you were just doing cardio.

Listening to Music 

A kickass playlist can make a huge difference in your workout routine, and if you play it right, you can really elevate your experience. Music helps boost the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which aid in recovery.

During your workout, turn up the music, and during recovery, switch to something relaxing and serene to ease your body back into homeostasis.  

Stretching and Warming Up

Light stretching is more beneficial to your muscles than your average extensive stretching before a workout. If you pull on the muscles too much, they are going to feel strained and not provide as much assistance during your training.  

Try to perform stretches or light warm ups that resemble the workout you’re about to do, it will improve the range of motion you need when you get into the thick of it.

Carbs Are Your Friend

Consuming carbs before you work out can help with your endurance during a high-intensity session. When you put fuel into your body, you’re going to put forth better effort; therefore, getting the highest value out of your exercise for that day.

Regardless of what your pre-workout rituals are, get the most out of your exercise time with the right regimen in place.